Purple Loosestrife

Ecozone Map of Canada:

As seen in the chart the red dotes represents the presence of purple loosestrife in Canada. It mainly grows in:
  • Mixed woods plains
  • Pacific maritime
  • Atlantic maritime and 
  • Parts of prairie and boreal.

It is not much influenced in Northern part of Canada.


Climate graph:

Most of the wetlands are covered with "PURPLE LOOSESTRIFE"
Climate condition 
  • The climate suitable for Purple loosestrife is summer. 
  • It mainly spreads in months of June, July and early August by the means of seed dispersal.                                 
  • Seed dispersal is not the only way, it also extents with the help of animals, humans, insects.
  • Example: a butterfly sit on purple loosestrife, suck its nectar and goes away carrying the purple loosestrife's seed and dropping somewhere else.

Other Relevant graph: 

As seen in the graph it is slowly coming out that many invasive, non native species are taking place of native vegetation and plants, causing lot of disturbance in the Canadian ecosystem!!
According to the graph: 
  • In coastal area only 25% of native vegetation is remaining out of 100%
  • In lowlands its even lesser than that, just 20% remaining.
  •  Whereas in Sub - montane approximately 35% vegetation is remaining.
  •  But Montane  have 90% vegetation remaining and only 10% lost.
  • In Sub - alpine it is nearly 55% of vegetation is lost.
This vegetation loose is not because of only purple loosestrife but also because of many other invasive species like purple loosestrife.